Entrust your pool's maintenance to the award-winning team that built it.

Jamie is honest, reliable and extremely easy to deal with ... Whenever we had questions or concerns Jamie would be on our doorstep to help us out, even months after the build was completed.

You trusted us to build your pool, now you can trust us to care for it.

Our swimming pool cleaning and maintenance service is an exclusive benefit to our pool construction customers.


Nobody knows your pool better than us and we couldn't be more proud to maintain it.

What are the benefits of professional pool care

and cleaning?

Correct chemical balancing and maintenance of your swimming pool maximises your enjoyment.

Crystal clear, safe water and your pool looking its best

Avoid corrosion or scaling to your pool and surrounds

Gentler on swimmers' skin, eyes and swimwear

Use less chemicals and save money on supplies

Our VIP Pool Care Program is designed to take the time and effort out of caring for your pool.

Choose from fortnightly, monthly or casual pool care visits where we will:

Test the chemical balance of your pool water

Re-balance your pool water with quality chemicals

Skim and scoop the pool

Brush pool steps and waterline tiles

Manually vacuum, as required

Clean the skimmer basket

Backwash and rinse pool filter, as needed

Inspect and adjust chlorination system

Test heating and other systems

Troubleshoot any issues

Casual Pool Care Visits

Choose a fortnightly or monthly service package or request our VIP pool care service on a casual basis.

Planning (or recovering) from a pool party? 

Need to get your pool ready for summer? 

Need to re-balance your pool chemistry?

Our VIP Gold Coast Pool Care Program starts at

$80 per visit + chemicals

Enquire about a customised quote and discounts on prepaid packages.

Telephone 0418-110-978

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Telephone 0418-110-978

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